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Mind & Spirit

The first thing anyone diagnosed with cancer must do is accept their diagnosis and believe that you can personally impact the quality of your life and the progression of this disease. Whether sick or healthy a persons state of mind will directly effect your health and happiness.

We have direct control of our minds and how our mental state effect the health of our physical bodies. We can control these through our Spirituality and Positive Focus. Their are specific tools and activities we can do to improve our inter-peace and create positive improvements in our health.


Those of us that belong to traditional religious organizations have a head start in this department but your work is not finished.  If you have no specific religious beliefs you will need to develop an understanding that you have a spiritual component and that this is directly linked to their inter-peace. This can be easily accomplished by accepting that we as individuals are not the most powerful force in the universe and that there are forces that directly interact with our lives that are more powerful than us. So whether your have a strong faith in a specific religious belief or simply yield to the authority of greater powers in the universe we need to enhance our spiritual condition. This may be done my exploring religious faiths that we grew up with as children but have abandoned as adults and seeking guidance from others in our lives that may have strong spiritual beliefs.

Enhancing our spiritual condition can be done through daily prayer or meditation and expressing deep gratitude for all the positive things God or our higher power has provided us. Even with a cancer diagnosis we all have many positive things in our lives and expressing thankfulness for these things on a daily basis.

Action Item: Start every day with 5 minutes of prayer or meditation focusing our your thankfulness for all you have been givien.

Positive Focus





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